January 7, 2015 – News & Events

Open House: Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Bring a friend and swing by the studio on Saturday night!

Share some wine, appetizers, and enter for a chance to win some really great prizes!

*** one free month of classes, personal training, t-shirts, & more! ***

It’s a post-holiday-party night to hang out, socialize, and we’ll do a little demo for your friends who haven’t yet tried kettlebells with us.

Some come by and kick off your Saturday night with us at the gym!


2015 Reset Challenge: Six weeks Starts January 12, 2015

Need a little reset after the holidays? Join the challenge!

  • One hour personal training session to work toward your specific goals
  • Measurements, weigh-in, & goal-setting/testing weeks 1 & 6
  • Nutrition guidance & support for the 6 weeks using the Whole30 program
  • Private Facebook group page for accountability, encouragement, and sharing in the journey
  • End of Challenge potluck to celebrate & swap healthy recipes
  • Cost: $129

Happy New Year! January 1, 2015

We here at North Beach Kettlebell could not be happier to be here, starting another year, doing what we love to do:

Torturing All Of You!!!

But seriously, we love being a part of your daily lives, your fitness journeys, and everything in between.

There was a lot of change and growth in 2014 and we’re really looking forward to 2015 with all of you. May the new year bring much hope, health, happiness and strength to every one of you.


We are a community at NBKB and we like to give you options. And you, our students, decided not to have class today. Some may think that’s strange – a gym being closed on January 1 (isn’t that when you get all your new business?!?). Well, we’re a very family-oriented community and spending the day at home, relaxing with your loved ones on those rare occasions that you are able is more important than coming in for your scheduled workout. And we love that about all of you.

But… we also know that our people like to have fun and you may feel the need to train after last night. =)

So to start your happy, healthy, strong year off… here’s a workout to do at home. Ask your family to join you!

Set a timer to go off every minute. Perform each exercise for one minute. Change exercises every minute. No formal rest until the end. You may take a round of rest when needed.

1 – Cardio*
2- Squat (bodyweight or with a kettlebell or dumbbell)
3- Ab Leg Levers
4- Cardio*
5- Lunge (walking or reverse)
6- Band, TRX, or Weighted Rows
7- Cardio*
8- Deck Squat
9- Bridge
10- Cardio*
11- Rest
Repeat 2-4 times!

* Cardio = 25 kettlebell swings OR fast running OR jumping rope OR jumping jacks OR mountain climbers OR burpies


Enjoy! And we’ll see you in class this weekend!

ps- Get ready for the 2015 Kickoff Challenge! Starts January 12th!


Student Spotlight – Susan Kerth

This month, we decided to interview our dear friend and student, Susan. We love having her at North Beach Kettlebell because she’s always comes in with a smile on her face. Plus, she’s consistent, hard working, and pushes herself and her fellow classmates. She really kicked butt in this last challenge we did and so we asked her a couple of questions about her training so she could share her story with you.


North Beach Kettlebell: Do you mind telling us your age and a little bit about your fitness history? What other forms of exercise have you tried or do you currently do?

Susan Kerth: I am 51 years old and have done some form of exercise most of my life.  I participated in group classes like aerobics, jazzercise, body sculpt etc.  I have also played tennis for the last 8 years. 


NBKB: How long have you been swinging kettlebells? & Why did you start?

SK: I started kettlebells 5 years ago thanks to my husband.  He had researched kettlebells and decided it looked like an effective type of workout that we could both do at home.  I was not happy about going but after our first introductory class I was hooked.  The workout was extremely effective and I became aware of how out of shape I really was.  


NBKB: How is this different from other things you’ve done?

SK: This workout was different then anything I had ever done. First of all Val didn’t stand in the front of the class with her back to us, she was facing us demonstrating and coaching us through every movement, stopping and correcting as we went.  Every other group class I’ve been to I was able to stand in the back and I had no idea if my form was correct or I was using appropriate weights.  The class size is small so you can’t hide. In fact, it’s more like personal training. The time also flew by and I was amazed at the muscles that were being used with one kettlebell.  


NBKB: What was the difference you saw in your body with our classes? How do you feel?

SK: Kettlebells is the first form of exercise that I’ve done where I have seen a drastic change in my body. My overall body composition has changed. I actually have muscles!  I think the first muscle I noticed was definition in my shoulders. Now I feel leaner and definitely so much stronger! It is an all over body workout.  No sit ups but my core is stronger than ever. I literally couldn’t hold an 8lb kettlebell over my head when I started and now I can press a 14kg (31lbs!). My strength and endurance are all because of kettlebells. I feel great, my tennis game has improved, I’ve been able to hike with my husband and I’ve definitely gained confidence.  


NBKB: You had some tests done recently to determine your life insurance policy premium, can you tell us what they found?

SK: I needed to get a complete physical for life insurance to determine the rates we would need to pay for the policy.  My results were at premium level for my age, meaning I am healthy and will pay the lowest rate.  I attribute this to kettlebells and also the healthy eating education I have received at NBKB.  


Susan took a picture of the test results they gave her.     Really Really Cool!


NBKB: Anything else you’d like to add?

SK: The atmosphere, encouragement, challenges and wonderful people at kettlebells keep me from missing a class. 


NBKB: Thank you, Susan!


I’m really glad Susan took the time to share her story with you. I love hearing that she dreaded coming at first but that she stuck with it and has helped her reach goals she’s had forever! Goals of being fit and strong and have definition. Goals that she wasn’t able to achieve with other forms of group exercise. Is a real testament to what you can accomplish when you put the work in, like she has.

Great job, Susan! And she’ll see you in class (she’s always here!)